How do we promote independence?

At Ark Care Principles we are passionate about helping young people through transition so they can learn to live independently in the future. Young people can stay with us from ages 16 – 25 and during their time with us they not only get the chance to build relationships with other young people of a similar age but they also get support from our experienced team.

Some areas that we focus on to make sure that the young people have the confidence to live independently after they have left us are described below.

The level of support varies depending on the complex needs of each individual but these are some basic skills that usually apply to all.

  1. Managing their budget – the young person has to learn how to manage their budget so that they have enough money each week to pay for food and use for the leisure. We also ask them to try and save a little so that they can either use this for large purchases or for their future.
  2. Cooking – there are kitchen facilities available and we encourage our young people to shop and cook for themselves. We help them understand their dietary needs so they can adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Personal hygiene – if the young person has previously been living in a residential care home or lived at home they may not be used to cleaning or doing their own laundry. We encourage them to keep their rooms clean and why personal hygiene is important.
  4. Interpersonal skills – some young people that stay with us have behavioural problems or struggle with communicating effectively with others. We help with behaviour management. Plus will support them by building communication skills, team working and how to build relationships with others.
  5. Further education, Training and Employment – many young people want to either continue to study or to seek employment. We help them seek suitable opportunities and also with organisations skills, time keeping and time management. These all help them to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

All these skills make a big different to our young people and the level of support we give is very much in line with our mission. This is to provide high quality support and intervention for the young people we work with to help them to reach their full potential.

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